New Plant

RIVESTCOR aims at quality growth in the field of anticorrosive treatments for metal surfaces, in this case electrolytic galvanising and manganese phospatising.
Our NEW PLANT allows us to meet the increasing request for surface treatments, both as far as the treatment of single pieces concerns (on racks) and large-sized pieces, thanks to the capacity of the 32 available tubs (length: 6.000 mm, depth: 2.000 mm )
RIVESTCOR carries out electrolytic galvanising and phosphatising treatments on mainly ferrous manufactures.
A highly specialized technical field characterized, in particular in Trentino Alto Adige, by a strong concentration of leading firms in the field of ski-lift building, requiring electrolytic galvanising surface treatment to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance operations.
As a matter of fact, the new plant has been developed with leading-edge technology both as far as the production capacity and the quality of the treatment process concerns.
Another sector of particular interest and with a widespread application field for yellow electrolytic galvanising and phospatising is that of mechanical earth movers.