Quality Laboratory

Our lab is adequately equipped for the quality control of liquids and treatments.

Independently of the Customer's requests, a statistic test is carried out to verify both the thickness and the resistance to corrosion. The tests are executed by means of non-destructive control systems: magnetoscopes, Wood lamps or X-ray fluorescent lamp.

Each job is assigned a warranty certificate.
Works and tests are carried out according to the following standards:
- UNI EN ISO 3497-01 – Metal coverings – Measurement of coating thickness – X-ray spectrometric method.
- UNI ISO 9227-93 – Corrosion resistance.
- UNI EN ISO 10289-01 - Methods for corrosion testing of. metallic and other inorganic coatings on. metallic substrates - Rating of test specimens and manufactured articles subjected to corrosion tests.
- UNI EN ISO 14713-01 - Protection Against Corrosion Of Iron And Steel In Structures - Zinc And Aluminium Coatings - Guidelines.