High corrosion resistance

Nuova passivazione al cromo III, con nano particelle di silicio (LANTHANE TR 175), che consente di raggiungere un alto livello di resistenza alla corrosione. Dopo un “TEST di corrosione accelerata” (850 ore in bagno di nebbia salina neutra) possiamo riscontrare l’assenza di focolai rossi di corrosione.

Certificato MPA

New Plant

RIVESTCOR aims at quality growth in the field of anticorrosive treatments for metal surfaces, in this case electrolytic galvanising and manganese phospatising. Our NEW PLANT allows us to meet the increasing request for surface treatments, both as far as the treatment of single pieces concerns (on racks) and large-sized pieces, thanks to the capacity of the 32 available tubs (length: 6.000 mm, depth: 2.000 mm ) RIVESTCOR carries out electrolytic galvanising and phosphatising treatments on mainly ferrous manufactures. A highly specialized technical field characterized, in particular in Trentino Alto Adige, by a strong concentration of leading firms in the field of ski-lift building, requiring electrolytic galvanising surface treatment to prevent corrosion and reduce maintenance operations. As a matter of fact, the new plant has been developed with leading-edge technology both as far as the production capacity and the quality of the treatment process concerns. Another sector of particular interest and with a widespread application field for yellow electrolytic galvanising and phospatising is that of mechanical earth movers.

New barrel galvanization plant

To cover the broad range of requests RIVESTCOR installed a new galvanization plant for small mechanical parts: nuts, screws, bolts and other metal structural work. Thanks to this new plant preparation and galvanization times are considerably reduced. The barrels are made of glass-charged PVDF, which limits the minor crashes due to rotation. The galvanization cycle is performed according to the UNI ISO 2081/89 standards. After galvanization, a de-hydrogenation cycle is run to prevent the fragility of the pieces due to hydrogen. RIVESTCOR examines and establishes a customized machining process according to the product and requirements of the Customer and issues a certification for the thickness of zinc distributed on the product.

Technical Consulting

The capacities of our Human Resources and the cooperation with A. Laidani, who put at our disposal his consolidated experience in this field, allow us to deliver consulting services which go beyond the mere surface treatment. Each piece under treatment is subject to a customized and optimized working cycle, in order to obtain the best in terms of quality while reducing the costs. The surface treatment resistance is not only due to covering thickness, which could be on the contrary a disadvantage, but to efficient pickling and to the specifications of the baths where the product is immersed. Each piece and each metal composition has its own prerogatives and the efficiency of the treatment in the time depends upon the choices made during working.

Analysis Laboratory

The consolidated capacities of our technicians are integrated and supported by efficient analysis equipment and by an adequately equipped internal laboratory. The plant for the recovery and regeneration of vector fluids and mixtures for a perfect electrolysis, are very powerful and reliable and allow fast production times and environment protection in compliance with the more recent regulations in force on reduction of pollutants.